Human Potential: Investing in Refugees

By August 16, 2017Future Education

We chose to begin investing in refugees in 2015, at a breaking point in the refugee crisis. We recognized the value of human potential that was being placed in crowded camps, shuffled around the world, and fighting simply to survive. We knew refugees: they were our friends, our neighbors, our classmates. It was unquestionable that they deserved the same opportunities as we did, and when we understood that refugees spent decades in camps with no access to technical education, we decided to do something about it.

A refugee is a state in which a person forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. It is meant to be temporary, but often they spend years or decades due to multiple reasons. The opportunity to provide education, mentorships and jobs through our work can change the social norm.

Being a refugee takes real courage, strength, and sacrifice.

We recognize the will it takes to live the life of a refugee, and we see that by supporting them, we are supporting society and communities as a whole.

We invest in refugees because providing refugees with technical education in camps increases their economic earning potential by 200%. With a coding bootcamp that qualifies a refugee for a junior developer position, their economic potential increases from $25,000 per year to $60,000 or more per year.

We invest in refugees because initiatives that teach transferrable digital skills have the ability to transform not only the lives of refugees, but also to solve real issues within the workforce and economy in their cities of resettlement.

We invest in refugees because 3.7 million refugee children under the UNHCR’s mandate have no school to go to, and only 1% of refugees attend university. We invest in refugees because the lack of educational programs provided to refugees in camps is apparent.

We are investing in refugees, and you can too.

These are what our supporters invest in with Refugee Code Academy:

  1. Empowering others to create their own future by giving them transferable and relevant skills that are incredibly valuable in the current global market. We inspire refugees to work hard and build their dreams, even while still inside of a camp.
  2. Providing a small agile international team to be innovative, inventive, and intelligent. We want nothing more than to give our skills to someone else in the world that could benefit from them.
  3. We are on the brink of something magnificent and life-changing. We are bringing a conversation that is baffled upon when bringing education to African Refugees.
  4. We work to find effective and sustainable solutions to the world’s challenges. That means we work directly with communities, governments, businesses, and non-profits when building a project. We listen to them, and we recognize that solutions only happen when we work together to solve them.
  5. We count on individual investors like you and we put your resources to use in the most effective areas. We are a small organization, and we care about the people we work with. That means we are transparent with our money so you’ll always know what you’re giving to and why.

Join our journey and profoundly impact a young refugee’s life. Muster the courage — imagine being in the shoes of one of the 60 million refugees in the world.

You have a stake in the future of the refugee crisis and you have a say in how the world responds. Join us on our journey for the opportunity to contribute to something bigger than yourself. Trust us, they are worth it.

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